Filk of Simon and Garfunkle's song: The Sound of Silence (P. Simon 1964)

The Sound of L33t-ness

Hello Largo, my old friend.
I've come to talk to you again.
Because I saw your clothes on the floor,
There's a n1nj4 standing at the door,
The giant turtle that is drunk is demanding you,
Oh, what to do?
Oh boy, I miss the silence.

The PS2 girl feels alone.
A girl named Miho's on the phone.
She said something about mosh pits,
Mo Mo Ball, and rejection fits.
And my eyes have seen enough of your naked butt.
I'll tell you what:
Oh boy, I miss the silence.

Why don't you go, your n1nj4 calls.
Go teach the class in mini-malls.
And tonight, if you have the time,
We will Qu4k3 for that b34r of mine.
Hand me the phone, I must call for "Shirt Guy Dom."
Cause the comic's not done.
Oh, how I miss the silence.

"F00L5," you said, "j00 d0 n07 kn0,
like Ping's temper, it must gr0w!
H33r my w0rd5 that 3y3 m1gh7 734ch j00,
G37 50m3 qu4rt3rs, I'll 0wnz0rz j00."
And the students, called for their "Great Teacher" once again.

Where have you been?
Oh yes, I miss the silence.

There's no static anymore.
Get your clothes up off the floor.
Because Erika's coming over,
And that turtle's getting sober.
And my cosplay ears are sticking in my hair,
Your pants are over there.
Oh, how I miss the silence.

I'm sorry for killing the song, but it was for the sake of art .

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