Types: Filk, Piro
The Dreamer
(After, "The Boxer", by Simon and Garfunkel)

I am just a fanboy, though I'm courteous, I'm told
I have squandered my finances
For a pocketful of manga, such is merchandise -
A pricey thrill!
Still, a man buys what he wants to buy when lacking in his will...

When I left my home and my native land it was no more than a whim
In the company of madmen
'Mid the drunken snores and turbulence he
Saved a life
In Tokyo
We would spend our final pennies and be left with no way home
With no credit line there's nowhere one can go...

Wai wa wai! Wai wa wai wai wai wa wai, wai wa wai! Wai wa wai wai wai wa wai wa wa wai wai wai![2]

Asking only for some guidance I searched each and every page
But I get no answers
Just some dry remarks from girls in kawaii fukus
I do despair!
I was wistful but I know my thoughts should never wander there

Wai wa wai! (etc.)

As I'm donning my Puchiko hat and wishing I was gone
Going home
Where the corpses of soured fantasies aren't taunting me
Taunting meeeee
Going home

In the station stands a dreamer
And an actress by her trade
And she carries no more yen now
This is my only fare but I will gift it, though she cries out
Mortified and oddly shamed
"Please, sir, keep it, I don't need it!"
But just memory remains

Wai wa wai! (very etc.)

[1] Represents a short period of humming.
[2] I'm sorry, I tried to resist this, really. ^_^;; I'd like to point out, though (as has been pointed out to me) that when sung it would be ambiguous as to whether he is saying 'wai' or 'why', which I feel is awfully appropriate.

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