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/*Sorry for shoving myself into this like that, I hope no-one minds. As a reply to C-kun's story.*/

Darkness had already fallen over the city of Megatokyo, but the regional airport was lit as bright as in any other hour of the day. Tonight it was even livelier than other days, thanks to the amount of visitors getting ready to depart back to their homes after the successful Megacon had ended. A small crowd was seated next to annoyingly small tables in the airport buffet. It was e-Monk who then tapped his plastic coffee glass with the too-blunt plastic fork in his hand. "An experience of this kind comes not more than a few times in one's life," he said, "and consequently each should be celebrated to its fullest. I have therefore written a filk to summarize this occasion. My appologies to Simon & Garfunkel for taking up their song 'America' as the tune."
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Gone to Look for My Erika

"Konichiwa, Hayasaka," I'll say when I finally meet her,
"I've got some poetry here in my bag."
So I bought a plane ticket, and took my passport too,
And walked off to look for my Erika.

"Jaymark," I said as we met by the Microsoft con-booth,
"The real life seems like a dream to me now."
It took me four tries to beat him at Halo.
Then I went to look for my Erika.

Wandering the con, looking for more known faces.
Noticed the man in the fashionable kilt that's McFin.
He said, "Be careful, this hamster is very ancestral"

Behind me voices, I thought I heard them read haiku.
The Forum Bards quickly their faces I knew.
So I looked all around me, and set my eyes to scan,
And her figure rose over a crowded mass.

"Hayasaka, I'm yours," I said, though I knew she'd be laughing.
I've finally met her and now I can die.
Counting the cos-players in the convention;
They've all gone to look for their Erika.
All gone to look for their Erika.
All gone to look for their Erika.


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