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Hey Dom, so you're new out of school,
I said hey Dom, now you feel pretty blue,
I said hey Dom, 'cause there's nothing to do,
There's no need to be unhappy.

Hey Dom, there's a place you can work,
I said hey Dom, that puts up with your quirks,
You can kill things, with a big honkin' gun,
Shooting high-explosive rounds can be fun!

It's fun to work for the SEGA,
It's fun to work for the SEGA,
They have lots of wet work for you to enjoy,
You can use all their high-tech toys!

Hey Dom, I'll bet you never knew,
I said hey Dom, you can get paid to do,
I said hey Dom, all the things that you love,
But you've got to have the right stuff.

Hey Dom, lock your friend in your trunk,
Then waste all your competitor punks,
And go down there, where you can apply
You will never know till you try.

It's fun to work for the SEGA,
It's fun to work for the SEGA,
They will pay you a lot for that talent you got,
So just go on and take your shot!

Hey Dom, you have got to get through
The Black-ops assassins technical school,
When you've finished, then you will soon see
Next to you James Bond's a pussy!

Don't worry 'bout the mayhem you cause
For their PR people handle it all,
You can go on a one man killing spree,
At the end they'll get you out of jail free!

It's fun to work for the SEGA,
It's fun to work for the SEGA,
You can drive a cool van,
You can slash with your sword,
And you're never going to be bored!

BTW, this was originally posted in Central several months ago, but it deserves another link: A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen.
[RP] The corner office at the 14th floor of the Sony headquarters saw the western sun cast upon its sole occupant. "A guy from marketing is here to see you sir," said the voice out of the intercom. "He says his name is e-Monk."
"As you may know, sir," said e-Monk, "SEGA has started a massive campaign centering over a catchy tune whose chorus spells out their brand name."
"Why, if this is so," replied the executive, "we must also write such a song, it's inevitable."
"I'm already two steps ahead of you, sir."
"Two? why is that?"
"You'll see, but first hear the song I wrote. It's based off of 'S-E-X-X-Y' by They Might Be Giants"

the way the world goes,
is an array of flaws,
by whom will we be saved?
everyone knows:

In a warfield rough,
A mile-long scortched,
with nobody else

There he is,
Tokyo operative head.
Kill stick in his hand,
His name his Ed.

N - because it's mass N-slaving
why? - because there's no escaping
A corpo-cratic rule
To smite down the fool
We know it sounds cruel

We look inside your mind,
Surrender or you die.
Secret agent guy,
A corporate spy.

We bought hell
We own most of Quebec
And soon enough
The world is ours.

N - because it's mass N-slaving
why? - because there's no escaping
You needn't be so tense,
loosen up and dance,
't might be your last chance.

"I have to admit, it is a catchy tune. But there's one problem: Sony is spelled S-O-N-Y."
"This is why I said I was two steps ahead of you. I got the company name changed to Sonny, isn't it great?"
"Yes... Amazing... Listen what, we have a corner office that has recently been vacated. I think this great job of yours entitles you to it, what do you say?"
The executive pressed the button for the intercom, "Elaine, can you show e-Monk here the way to his new 'office'. You know, the one with the 'view' to the shark pool."

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