Those heavy Objects Modesty doth fling after Sonnet 41("Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits")

Those heavy Objects Modesty doth fling
When compromised she finds herself to be --
Their blows are naught beside the deadly Sting
Of having Largo's Birth-Day Suit to see!
He girds himself 'gainst Electricity
That would besmirch his strong, swift Cyber-Node --
But at such Cost to Ping's poor Modesty,
To cause her pretty Head to overload?
Her Robot-Sight must e'er full Measure take
Of every Thing within its Scope observes,
Yea, even that which causeth cruel Heartbreak,
That which the name of "Manhood" scarce deserves...
O Horrors, for to witness such a Thing!
O cursÚd Sight! O Bleach, where is thy Sting?!

(Apologies to Willliam "Bear-Baitin' Bill" Shakespeare, IMHO an ideal youth role model, forsooth! =D)

Sonnet 41

Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits,
When I am sometime absent from thy heart,
Thy beauty, and thy years full well befits,
For still temptation follows where thou art.
Gentle thou art, and therefore to be won,
Beautious thou art, therefore to be assailed.
And when a woman woes, what woman's son,
Will sorely leave her 'til he have prevailed.
Aye me, but yet thou might'st my seat forbear,
And chide thy beauty, and thy straying youth,
Who lead thee in their riot even there
Where thou art forced to breake a two-fold truth:
Hers by thy beauty tempting her to thee,
Thine by thy beauty being false to me.

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