After J. Random Lurker's excellent Pirogoeth verse I had to try myself. She is a compelling character.

'Pirogoeth' Sonnet after Sonnet 4: "O Mistres mine where are you roming?"

O Pirogoeth! Fearsome maiden,
With thy father's broadsword laden:
Only thou canst ever know
Why, with bitter tears encumbered,
Into dangers yet unnumbered
From thy homeland thou willst go.
We who stay behind remember
Mem'ries of this dread December
And with the future, we shall share
Stories of the pain which rends thee,
Stories of the rage which sends thee:
Vengeance, like a banner, bear!

(apologies to William Shakespeare)

Sonnet 4 ("O Mistres mine where are you roming?")

O Mistres mine where are you roming?
O stay and heare, your true loues coming,
That can sing both high and low.
Trip no further prettie sweeting.
Iourneys end in louers meeting,
Euery wise mans sonne doth know.
What is loue, tis not heereafter,
Present mirth, hath present laughter:
What's to come, is still vnsure.
In delay there lies no plentie,
Then come kisse me sweet and twentie:
Youths a stuffe will not endure.

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