Look what happens when Christmas crosses with one of my favorite webcomics

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the loft
Ping-chan is quietly charging
reclining in a chair so soft

Piro sleeps soundly, snug in his bed
Largo is faithfully gaming with thoughts
of zombies racing through his head

"Christmas is almost here, something
l33t I must do. Piro's laptop begs for
gaming power, I will give it a tweak or two"

Largo quickly finished his work, and closed the
lid tight. He grinned and flashed a sign of victory
giving glory to his tweaking might.

From the corner of his eye, a creature crawling in
the window that could cause such a fright. "The
undead will not spoil Christmas, not this night."

Largo crept to the window as quietly as he can, but
low and behold is was only Santa-chan! "I will reward
your good deeds to relieve Tokyo of fear. Outside
waits for you Largo, 10 kegs of b33r."

Largo was quickly filled with Christmas delight, and
without a thread of clothing he went outside to
behold the sight. Santa-chan quickly went to work
stuffing stockings tight. Small gifts under the Christmas
fern decorated so bright.

Santa-chan finished soon paying attention to every detail,
"I have a moment or two, why not check my email."

Booting up Piro's laptop, a grin came to Santa-chan's face
"This computer has l33t speed, I wonder if it can keep the
pace." He stared obsessively while sitting on Largo's bed,
the computer 0wned all benchmarks without breaking a

Santa-chan was pleased, and brought up his webmail site
Largo seen the room illuminate from the monitor so bright.
At the doorway Largo's face grew very pale, and the
ground beneath everyone trembled as the laptop faintly
cried, "You Got Mail!"

A mushroom cloud boiled and Santa-chan flew through the
roof like a bat out of hell. The sounds of explosion woke
everyone, burning motherboard gave the air new smell.

Flying through the air Santa-chan was being chased by a
enormous bright light. His last words being, "To everyone
have a l33t Christmas!", as he sailed off into the night.

Piro was speechless and Ping-chan cried, "Where did Santa
go!" Largo stared up into the sky and simply said, "AOL is
bad MoJo"

The snow fell softly the following morning and the children
went outside to play. Here is wishing everyone a Merry
Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

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