A note on the structure: the original song has only two slightly varying stanzas (aabba / abbaa). To do minimal justice to the subject matter, I added two more stanzas in regular alternation, so the whole thing goes aabba / abbaa / aabba / abbaa. (In fact, feel free to expand on it.)

Japanese Food to the tune of "Norwegian Wood"

I once dined a girl, or should I say, she once dined me:
She, anxious to please: <Isn't it good, Japanese food?>
She brought out all kinds of sashimi and big mugs of beer;
I asked <Eat bait?!> and she said
I thought to myself, "With enough booze, what's there to lose?"

She: <Isn't it good? Perhaps you know tsukemono?>
They looked just like all sorts of pickles gone horribly wrong,
But they tasted great, and I lived on to sing you this song.
I chewed through them all; I never knew, foods could be blue…
I've survived so far -- truly, it's good -- Japanese food!

She: <Isn't it good? More washoku -- chanko for you!>
Me: sumo</i> chow!>
She brought meats and vegetables, mushrooms and tofu and… stuff;
For me (and an army) it yielded far more than enough.
She: I was perplexed; what would come next?

She: <Isn't it good? If you think so, please try natto...>
She brought something out that looked just like nachos from Hell,
Before I could try it, I swooned and passed out from the smell...
And when I came to, I got the bill, then I got ill.
Still, but for natto, truly, it's good -- Japanese food!

(Apologies to John Lennon and Paul McCartney; manymany thanks to Shoka for the idea)

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