It has been suggested that I have not paid enough attention to Hayasaka-san in the sonnets. Sadly, this is true. Before she or her other fans decide that retribution is in order, let me attempt to remedy this sorry state of affairs.

This was not inspired by any particular comic, it's just for herself.

I never thought that you did verses heed after Sonnet 83, "I never saw that you did painting need"

I never thought that you did verses heed,
That flow'ry words could turn your countenance --
Indeed, I undertake this humble screed
Well knowing that you spurn such weak romance.
To praise your stature would leave you unmoved
And do no justice to such elegance:
Yours is a beauty ne'er by words improved,
Which plainly speaks with silent eloquence.
And yet these sterling qualities do pale
Beside that one which words can well impart:
I write in hope that these words may prevail,
That those who know you not, may know your heart.
Though life is brief, and we live numbered days,
Art lasts, and last you shall, in artful praise.</i> *

* Or "artless praise," as you prefer.

(Apologies to William Shakespeare)

Sonnet 83

I never saw that you did painting need,
And therefore to your fair no painting set,
I found (or thought I found) you did exceed,
The barren tender of a poet's debt:
And therefore have I slept in your report,
That you yourself being extant well might show,
How far a modern quill doth come to short,
Speaking of worth, what worth in you doth grow,
This silence for my sin you did impute,
Which shall be most my glory being dumb,
For I impair not beauty being mute,
When others would give life, and bring a tomb.
There lives more life in one of your fair eyes,
Than both your poets can in praise devise.
This started out to be a parody of George Sterling's beautiful sonnet \"That Walk in Darkness\", but it got away from me. Still, it gives me a chance to post Sterling's sonnet (though I have done so once before, along with another, over a year ago), so I'm including it anyway.

She Walks in Sadness

Not where her hunting fanboys raise their cries,
And comb the city streets for any trace,
And sweep the networks for their idol's face
Dwells Erika, whom heartaches have made wise,
For those who've branded her with avid eyes
Have driven her into this covert place,
An exile self-imposed, recovering grace
Beside a friend whose star is on the rise.

And though her ardent worshipers must pine
For losing what was never theirs, or real,
They never reckoned what their worship cost.
She sometimes seeks within herself to find,
Behind the gates that bear fame's bitter seal,
The gentle, wistful girl she somehow lost.

(apologies to George Sterling)
That Walk in Darkness
George Sterling

Not when the sun is captain of the skies,
Nor when the sapphire dwelling moon divine
Arrows with light the battlements of pine,
Roams Lilith, she whom raptures have made wise;
But one shall see her with enchanted eyes
When starlight makes mysterious her shrine,
That whoso drinks her beauty's golden wine
Shall lose his hope and need of Paradise.

And tho the cruel vision smite him blind,
Yet more than they who mourn him is he whole
On whom her sorceries have burst in flood,-
To whom her lips are offered, that he find
Her kiss a consternation to the soul
And scarlet trumpets pealing in the blood.

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