Yuki's story has been hanging for awhile, which must be giving poor Draegos conniptions, especially as he hasn't had time lately to do one of his "Announcements". So I figured I'd take pity on the poor fellow, and do some Yuki verses that link to some of the best Yuki drawings! As I haven't done a real parody since Megatokey (shameless self-link), I decided to go that route here.

(after "Tommy", by Rudyard Kipling)

Of late I've fallen into unaccustomed reveries,
So sweet and yet so sad, they leave me weak upon my knees,
And something quite mysterious then comes to fill my heart
With yearnings that I almost feel would make me fly apart.

O it's Yuki this, and Yuki that, and Yuki tell us more!
But it's Yuki's Little Feathers when her heart is feeling sore-
Her heart is feeling sore, young girls, her heart is feeling sore,
O it's "Yuki's Little Feathers" when her heart is feeling sore.

I asked a foreign boy to teach me drawing after school,
The sketches that he made himself I thought were very cool.
At first he said he couldn't teach, but then he said he would,
His answer made my heart sing out, perhaps more than it should.

O it's Yuki this, and Yuki that, and Yuki you're so sweet!
But it's Brand New Happy Student when she's walking down the street-
She's walking down the street, young girls, she's walking down the street,
O it's "Brand New Happy Student" when she walking down the street.

When classes ended I went home and dressed myself with care,
I went to get my lesson then, but sensei wasn't there.
He told me he was sorry, and he said that I could call,
But when I tried the telephone no answer came at all.

O it's Yuki this, and Yuki that, and Yuki tell us all!
But it's Sad Girl in a Picture when the cherry blossoms fall-
The cherry blossoms fall, young girls, the cherry blossoms fall,
O it's "Sad Girl in a Picture" when the cherry blossoms fall.

I dragged myself to school next day, and there I saw my friends,
Mami and Asako wanted details there and then,
But I just couldn't bring myself to tell them what occurred,
Asako started pecking like a pesky little bird.

O it's Yuki this, and Yuki that, and Yuki you're so fair!
But it's Yuki Being Pestered when Asako tugs her hair-
Asako tugs her hair, young girls, Asako tugs her hair,
O it's "Yuki Being Pestered" when Asako tugs her hair.

Well that's my story to this point, I haven't got a clue
To what will happen to me now, or what I have to do,
So I might keep my distance from that Megagamers' store,
Or maybe I will go and take my chances there once more.

O it's Yuki this, and Yuki that, and Yuki's tell us how!
But it's Yuki With Her Teddy Bears, and that's enough for now-
And that's enough for now, young girls, and that's enough for now,
O it's "Yuki With Her Teddy Bears", and that's enough for now.

(apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

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