[!filk] Another Rammstein transfilk. Whooo...
Note: In the original, there's various periods of time when they just yell "Sehnsucht" over and over again. The phrase in parenthesis near the bottom is what to replace this with. [/!filk]

Why Did I Come Here?
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Rammstein

E3: game con, we're out with John
Entrance denied, there's the day
Largo's angry, drunk and carefree
Time to skip town, today
Why don't we go where Nihongo
Is even spoken by Blue Jays?
Let's leave now, we shouldn't stray

A hiatus, good for status
Look at all the stuff we can buy
No more money, hardly sunny
We'll be here till next July
Say "Hi", "Hello", in Nihongo
You'll be here for a long, long time
Wasting away in your prime

Why did I leave?
What did I achieve?
I thought I would be free
Across the sea
Why, oh why didn't I go
To someplace close like Mexico?
Now I'm stuck in a foreign land
Why did I make no plans?
(Stuck here)

by Rammstein

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