Types: Filk
Tell me, girls, what do you think?
Do you like my face?

I have been down that jaded path
Of violence and deadly wrath
I've worn a bag upon my head
I was the rough and tumble Ed

But see me now, with eyes aglow
See what happend, not long ago
Back yesterday when I was down
Though you saw smiles, I did frown

I can't deny how much it hurt
To land in that rubble and dirt
To lay there battered on the ground
Unable to even make a sound

But that's enough of past disgrace
Time to show off my brand new face
And with it, a new era start
To set the old and new appart

For now that I know that I am hot
I'll finally catch that one rogue bot
Then my job will be complete
Better still, we soon shall meet

For I will catch her at the school
She'll pay for making me a fool
I'll leave that thing deceased and done
Then move on to other fun

Playing out there with the girls
The girls who like my face

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