[!verse] My first verse parody thingie. w00t.
Crap! The rhyme scheme for this one is a-b-a-b-b-c-b-c-c-d-c-d-e-e! Not cool!
To save myself the time of naming verses I do, I'm just gonna make my own Sonnet numbering scheme, that is, every sonnet thingie I do gets the next number. So there.
The basic idea of this verse is Erika talking to Kimiko, in case you can't tell. [/!verse]

Sonnet 1 - Advice For a Seyuu
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Spenser

You foolish seyuu, you think that starving
Yourself will allow you to make much more gain,
And all the fanboys of the world will bring
You all you want, from food to Lover's Lane?
How dumb! Look around within your domain,
Do you see many riches from your world?
See money? no! I see work, no champagne
See lovers? no! Mere hounds, want you to twirl
And jobs: they're but excuses for legs curled
Stories and games: fantasies for lonely men
Glamour: fake, it will eventually unfurl
Fame, prestige: they're lies, time and time again
But it is worth it, if you can stay there,
Your life, you'll gain experience, learn prayers.

Sonnet XV
by Edmund Spenser

Ye tradeful merchants, that with weary toil
Do seek most precious things to make your gain,
And both the Indias of their treasures spoil,
What needeth you to seek so far in vain?
For lo! my love doth in herself contain
All this world's riches that may far be found-
If sapphires, lo! her eyes be sapphires plain;
If rubies, lo! her lips be rubies sound;
If pearls, her teeth be pearls both pure and round;
If ivory, her forehead ivory ween;
If gold, her locks are finest gold on the ground;
If silver, her fair hands are silver sheen.
But that which fairest is, but a few behold,
Her mind, adorned with virtues manifold.

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