Types: Filk, Ed, Largo, Parody, Humor
(credit goes to Massive Matt for his lyric ideas and animating skills.)

Ed: Okay.. how did all this happen again?
Sony peon: Well, he got near the PS2 memory cards... and.. and...
Sony peon2: ....

---------(song time)

They told him "Hey don't overclock that AMD!"
You're causing a commotion! Get out of here! leave!
The fires that he caused. Our jobs are surely l0st.
Hey! Beat it, don't 1337 it.

This isnt possible, it just cant be man
an explosion from just a system fan?!
why in just a few more seconds its g@m3 0v3r man!
Hey! Beat it, Don't 1337 it.

Don't l33t it, l33t it, l33t it, l33t it.
Our PCs are being mistreated!
Showing us your mad modding skills
Will surely chalk you up some unintentional k1lls
l33t it, l33t it,
l33t it, l33t it,
l33t it, l33t it.

(Yes, that's the new Ed.)

Someone please, call the cops on this man
The shit is really going to hit the fan!
He's blown our best system and nuked our store's L@N
Hey! Beat it, don't 1337 it.


The button is stuck! We can't clock it down!
This thing is gonna take out half the town!
Oh my god, someone stop this g@1j1n clown!
Hey! Beat it, don't 1337 it.


//Seems this is going to be my last post for a week or so. I'm headed to Otakon. And then moving into my new dorm. I know you'll all miss me terribly. heheheh...

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