The source is a song by Moxy Fruvous (a band that is Canadian and, so, obscure) named Darlington Darling.

This makes no sense without the rhythm. ^^; Also, no part of the song describes things less than forty comics ago. (It makes me feel nostalgic. 9_9)

Down the line, comin' down the line, and that's where Piro's going to.
Has just enough to buy another pass; his money gone, his mood is blue.
There's half an hour to her audition time! Kimiko needs a pass real soon.
Piro's stuck, and Kimi's stuck, so he'll just give the pass to you.


I don't really need this one
(where 'ya gonna get the money son)
Her audition's urgent, too
(but without the pass you can't make do)
It's not so much use to me
(but you're not workin' and the cards aren't free)
And I'll spend as much or more
Than I am able to afford.

Down the line, Largo's spending time finding eight fans worth his while
Though he may be l33t, there's one he can't defeat (as Piro shoots him with a smile.) x.x
But Piro dies - watch Ed apologize* - and next you know he's working there.
He's told 'watch the store', as Yuki shuts the door and flees the scene with blowing hair.

I can't take it and run
(isn't he the one you stole it from?)
I'll give it back to you
(but you're hoping you can keep it, too)
I hid it from my family
(like you're reading a love diary)
I want to read it more
But you're the one you drew it for.

(in background: (Piro) No mail, no mail)

(in background: (Mami) )

I can't take it and run
(Kimiko & Yuki) I'll give it back to you
(Yuki & Piro) It's not much use to me
(Yuki & Piro & Kimiko)
Can't impose any more


My "fanboy", he gave this pass to me - he filled my thoughts that day
Shacking up with a PS2, I sure hope that he's okay.

Get spaghetti, just for one.
(The least you could do for what he'd done is)
Get another; make it two.
(Erika told you where to take it to)
That strange girl makes it three...
(I'll give them both; don't have enough for me)
I can't impose any more
(What is she staying with him for?)

Me-ga, me-ga to
Me-ga, me-ga kyo
Me-ga, me-ga to
Me-ga, me-ga kyo

Me-ga, rail card gift
Me-ga, book bag missed
Me-ga, rail card gift
Me-ga, book bag missed

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