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*After many wild cheers, appreciative whistles, and all around enthusiastic applause, the Hamster gives great bows and takes his leave. After a moment, C-kun stands and moves to the microphone.*

"This one is
Feathers Falling
A filk of "Daylight Fading" by the Counting Crows.
Many thanks to Shoka's "Lost Wings" for breaking my filking block. Oh, and the only version I have of this is live, so it may not quite match the lyrics."

*Guitars jam.*

Bring it on, Fred, bring it on

Waiting for her friend to come and tell her 'bout the day
Erika's thinking 'bout so many things; she hasn't much to say
She knows she enjoys aiding, it's what she is there to do
It's getting cold in Megatokyo
I guess she'll be leaving soon

Feathers falling
See them drift upon the ground
Won't you listen to her sighing; it's a sad and lonely sound
Upon the floor has fallen her favored bookmark
We can see her ragged dress and feathers falling;
Her life has gone grey and dark

She said, "Reality's not shoujo"
She said, "It's never quite as good"
I think that even if we could live there, it doesn't mean we should
She's sitting at that table there
With her head upon her arms
I wish I could confide in her
Admit to all my sins
And tell her everything I feel

Feathers falling
See them float down to the floor
She's an angel full of kindness; she's deserving so much more
Moonlight shining on the hazel in her hair
When she spreads her wings behind, with feathers falling
She rises into the air

Feathers falling
See them drift so far away
In her goddess's patched sweater; how I wish that she could stay
Moonlight shining in her iridescent eyes
She soars up through greying clouds, feathers falling
Through her fears, she always tries

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