Another disposable verse. But the message apparently needs to be spake in as many ways as possible.

Fred's Choice after "If"

If Fred was a jerk and cared less what we thought
And chose not to listen to all that we've said,
The experience we sought,
'Twouldn't be what it ought:
For if he worried not,
Fred wouldn't be Fred.

But If Fred's characters were only for fun,
No searching hearts, no cherche la femme,
No goals to be won,
No gauntlets to run,
No rivals undone:
They wouldn't be them.

Who lives without conflicts? Everyone knows
That life is a see-saw, that's plain to see.
All highs, and no lows?
All friends, and no foes?
All we'd have is dull prose --
M.T. wouldn't be.

(apologies to e.e. cumming)


If freckles were lovely, and day was night,
And measles were nice and a lie warn't a lie,
Life would be delight,--
But things couldn't go right
For in such a sad plight
I wouldn't be I.

If earth was heaven and now was hence,
And past was present, and false was true,
There might be some sense
But I'd be in suspense
For on such a pretense
You wouldn't be you.

If fear was plucky, and globes were square,
And dirt was cleanly and tears were glee
Things would seem fair,--
Yet they'd all despair,
For if here was there
We wouldn't be we.

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