Cripes is there a lot of good verse on the forums right now. So before I begin, mad props to, in no particular order, smurd, _Quinn, Divinewind, cola, Rudder-chan, Phaedrus, Wavehawk, Garran, [pant pant pant] everyone in the haiku threads, and anyone else I've (probably) missed... My apologies for not commenting in more of your individual threads, there's just so many of 'em! ^^;;

As for my contribution, no-one seems to have written *anything* about Pirogoeth... And that one art day was inspiring enough that I came up with something I consider halfway decent. Yes, I *did* rehash my haiku from that day for one of the verses... Hmmm... kind of a weird feeling, being a fanboy of a male character's female avatar...

Without further ado, I add my noise to the signal:

Autumn Eyes
by: Jon Keim (J. Random)
begun 12/09/2001

Girl in the morning cries,
seeing with dark autumn eyes,
gravestone standing cold, unkind,
what she must now leave behind.

Veils of breath dance forth forlorn,
but what chills her heart this morn,
as the grass shakes off its frost,
is the thought of what she's lost.


Gifts of flowers in the spring,
thirst to see what life will bring.
'Ere end of day his eyes still glow,
despite the terrors that they know.

He's my light in this dark land
and I am his steady hand;
anything we can abide,
when we're walking side by side.


Shaken from her reverie,
he who sleeps should be set free.
But The Courts of Death hold sway,
and Father Time has final say,

See a final tear fall,
duties of her life now call.
And as one leaves to face the day,
both are left behind some way.

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