Well, the poetry bonfire has died down a bit, so here's a piece to keep the flames going a little bit. It's supposed to be Miho's thoughts during comics #260 and #261. But the more I see of the Miho/Ping plotline, the more I doubt the accuracy of this poem. Miho's goals just seem more... devious than I give her credit for. But there are, of course, a few of my own feelings that slip in and muck things up, too.

The ABCABC pattern was *hard* to do, and I don't think it turned out as well as it could've... but it was a fun form to write in. ^^;

a logic gated heart
- or -
plastic ears, plastic souls

began 2002 0519
by: Jon Keim (J.Random)

in a world where humans bend
in mechanical pursuit of greed
and ever bigger, grander goals
it's only fitting, in the end
that our machines have, with their speed
taken up our cast-off souls

the greatest kindness I've been shown
was carried over copper wiring,
reflecting in her Nikon optics;
not in caring whispers blown
but by a voice coil's measured firing
with a cadence set by clock ticks

humans, flesh and blood, my own,
could never hope to imitate,
by opening themselves to tears
and letting all their fears be known,
the caring gaze, affectionate,
of the girl with plastic ears

there is in her wide-eyed, worried blink
captured with expert craftsmanship,
enough concern to make you cry,
until you stop a minute to think
and realize she's just a chip
with the "friendship" bit set high

so why are friends so hard to be?
SHE's searched and found, erased the fear
that ties her flesh-bound counterparts
never will our lives come easy,
and loving even less when we're
living with our logic-gated hearts

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