a filk on "Yellow" by Cold Play

"I shield my thoughts,
behind these eyes so cold,
I kept all to myself,
my life seemed so shallow."

"You came to me,
you opened up your heart,
your life a glowing spark,
to dispel the sorrow."

"How could I not,
reach out to clasp your hand,
Oh, would you understand;
could you fill this hollow."

"But still, I fear the day you leave,
remove yourself from this weave,
D'you know?
You know, I need you so,
You know, I love you so."

"It seemed so long;
I'd always felt alone.
But now you've come and shown,
I am not so hollow."

"And all these taunts,
They are not meant to burn,
They're simply what I learned,
all to mask the sorrow."

"And now, I fear the day you leave,
leave me all by myself to dream -
D'you know?
You know, I need you so,
You know, I love you so."

"It's true
Look how I cry for you,
Look how I feel for you,
expose my need to you,
I try to care for you,
I share this life with you,
this love with you."

"This is my life,
it's centering on you,
and all the things you do."

(Original lyrics at http://www.lyricsfind.com/lyrics/10481/98002.php)

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