Ever since smurd mentioned fun punk music in the thread for his "What I Like About Ping" filk, I just knew I had to write this, a filk of one of the most fun punk songs I know of. ^^; So I humbly offer this entry into the flood of filk on the SD forums:

after "Punk Rawk Show" by MxPx
by: Jon Keim (J.Random)
began: 2003 0405

One two onetwothreefour!

[mad guitar intro]

We can't hack an E3 show
so let's go visit Tokyo.
Drunken, moon-lit reprimands;
we had to run off to Japan!
There's more worth in gaming shows
than in growing up
and growing old.
Ain't got no one else to blame;
I wish my life was not so lame!

[repeat, increase speed by roughly 2x from here on]

Get out your passport, you say?
They'll let me in one other way!
Your ninja's just a teddy bear,
he's so unl33t that it's unfair!
We're gettin' in to Tokyo!


[guitar solo]

[repeat Piro verse]

[repeat Largo verse]

[repeat Largo verse]


...now back to lurk mode for me

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