for Yuki

try, fly and tumbling
by: Jon Keim (J.Random)
began 2003 0428
far, blue and wandering
I want to sail the sky
deep, wide and humbling
to reach for places high

to spread my wings and leave the ground
see what in heaven may be found
I am so young, the sky so steep
I'm lost forever in it's sweep

see, sky and trembling
I want to fly away

brave, bold and wavering
I think it would be best
sprint, run and scrambling
to jump right out the nest

my wings won't catch the air that falls
upward through my winged calls;
pleas ascending prove too tiny
frantic flapping fails to save me

try, fly and tumbling
I've failed to fly away

crash, fall and crumbling
and now I'm back at rest
cry, shy and whimpering
and lost and in distress

despite the aching in my bones,
the first I've ever been alone,
with grimaced face and holding fast
a maiden flight won't be my last


slip, crawl and stumbling
it's time to try again

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