Types: Filk, Erika, Humor
The Worshipin' of Hayasaka
(to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of extreme hypertrophy,
She is r4ck3d beyond all reason, she is statuesquely sw33t,
Upon the streets she often bears her smooth and shiny piece,
Our Goddess marches on!

Lordy, lordy, Hayasaka!
Lordy, lordy, Hayasaka!
Lordy, lordy, Hayasaka!
Our Goddess marches on!

I have seen her doing cosplay at a hundred gamers' cons,
Or down at MegaGamers when she doesn't have much on,
Of the clothes she wears around the house, I'm also very fond,
Her beauty keeps me stunned!


I have seen the ph34r of those who've read what fiery runes have writ,
I have noted the dismay that follows her ironic wit,
And I've even heard the screams that come from fanny-groping twits,
Her presence means good fun!


Have you noticed favors masked behind an unconvincing sneer?
Did you see the face of Largo light-up when she bought the b33r?
Have you heard how strong men broke down when her poster did appear?
Her lost wings are my song!


I'm a fanboy most devoted, I am at her call and beck,
When I'm driving and she's on the street, I certainly will wreck,
She can beat me, she can hurt me, she can make me write bad checks,
Our Goddess can't do wrong!


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