This comes straight from my alter-ego, DJ Filk Master Flex. When I came up with the idea of filking the entire album of "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd, I knew that doing it would be a daunting project. It was daunting because each track of DSotM is united in a common theme: the disenfranchisement of everyday life. So when I decided to filk this album, I had to incorporate the main theme from Megatokyo: perception and reality v. fantasy. To link together six lyrically rich filks was so difficult, I had to summon the latent creative powers deep within my soul, and thus, my DJ alter-ego.

The title inside each of the (...) is the Pink Floyd original title and you can find the lyrics here. Just a few notes about the lyrics, all the lyrics in "..." I didn't filk because those just serve as background conversation during instrumental solos and weren't included in the CD booklet of lyrics, so please just ignore those. Some parts are awkward because it fits in better with the music than just the lyric reading, so just role with it. Also, there is one mistake at this site (and many other sites too...) in Us and Them: it's "not", not "noz."

One last note (sorry to keep you waiting), this filk is a much greater experience when listening to the original tracks but I don't have them. If you so choose, go find them and listen while reading along, or just listen to them for it's own sake, because DSotM enriches the soul. Thanks for you patience. Enjoy!!

--The Definitive of MT Reality--
A filk of Dark Side of the Moon
Inspired by: Pink Floyd and MT

1)a. Run to Me (Speak to Me)
1)b. Megatokyo (Breathe)

Where gamers want to go
Leave, the life they lead
Choose to see, what's reality
For long he seeks both low and high
To ease his pain, his lonely cry
He seeks the place where he can fit
Forever move, he never sits

Run, Piro run
Find your home, forever roam
And when at last you think you're free
You don't fit in, and there's no saving point to see
For Piro seeks both low and high
Reality for his own eyes
Here in MT forced to stay
Piro live, try not to fade...

2) On the Run (On the Run)
3)a. MT Time (Time)

Gaming away the moments that make an MT day
Spending their cash on new games in an off hand way
Sticking around in this gamer town, they're not homebound
And reality skews with two views of the same day to day

Piro drowns himself in shoju to guide himself through every strife
Seraphim says "Get a job. No more 'escapes.' Live real life."
And then Piro will find Seraphim was caught behind him
He'll have to make it on his own, face his own life alone

Largo runs in a craze through the haze which is MT chaos
And chasing around the 3vi1 that's risen again
He teaches his skills to all those who will to be PCs
Takes a calm breath, "With my skillz, we'll defeat death."

MT days are getting longer, new characters this duo finds
How either will respond to them, we'll only come to know in time
Hanging on a quiet desperation are some PCs way
Some are cute, others violent, some are used as pawn to play...
3)b. MT Reprise (Breathe Reprise)

Home, home again?
He'd like to fit in if he can
When his day ends, sadness dire
The friends he made, they beat his false desire.
Far away, across the sea
The options of reality
Brings the gamers to MT
To see just how to bring about their dreams...
4) The Great Game Before Your Eyes (The Great Gig in the Sky)
5) PCs (Money)
gets payed
Fetches l33t one whenever it's a school day
has a crush
Keeps it hush from Mami and Asako's rush
Piro, manga-pro, classroom daydreams
Thinks that Piro's more than he seems

*bones crack*
Get the fuck back, keep your hands off of my rack
Lockart's hit
Don't give her that under D-cup bullshit
She's in the seiyuu industry, table waitressing yet
She hopes she made the right job bet

'Droid kawaii
Share her fairly but don't take a slice of her pie
Largo says
Is the root of 3vi1 in MT
But if you try to find out it's no surprise that she
Might just be lonely...
6) Relationships (Us and Them)

Us and them
And after all, relationships begin within
Them and He
God only knows how this second round will be, we'll see
"Traitor" she cried in the fight
As the Necro tried
To steal both their wills and his plans be fulfilled
"All belong to me"

Black and blue
Romantic times in life have dark times too
Up and Down
Between these two it's only round and round
Piro has heard all her drunken cold word
Into his stein he sighs
Next day starts with a change in their hearts
Will you let me inside?

Down and out
A teenage crush can't see what real love's about
She's without
"Please notice me" is what love sickness is about
"I'm in the way of his busy day"
She always slips his mind
To learn how he draws and to fix all her flaws
For him she cries
7) Any Reality You Like (Any Colour You Like)
8) Battle Damage (Brain Damage)

The lunatic is the class
The GTL is in the class
Teaching that games break 3vi1 chains of wrath
Got to keep the PCs on the path

The lunatic went through the wall
Ping threw Ed right through the wall
The paper hides his broken face so none can peek
And Sony says "Ed use a new technique"

And if the sky breaks out with zombies raining through
And if it spells your doom despite your will
If your reality is changed in spite of you
I'll hope you hear the "fly me to the moon"

The lunatic is in his head
This "Tohya girl" is in his head
She raised the blade to stop the change
To re-arrange her was in vain

He locked the door
He gave away his key
There's someone on his mind, but it's not Ping

And when the crowd bursts, chaos in her ear
She left and no one seemed to hear
'Cause when the fame she had starts playing different tunes
I hope she heard the "Fly me to the moon"
9) Define (Eclipse)

All that you touch
All that you see
All that you taste
All you feel
All that you love
All that you hate
All you distrust
All you save
All that you give
All that you deal
All that you buy
beg, borrow or steal
All you create
All you destroy
All that you do
All that you say
All that you eat
And everyone you meet
All that you slight
And everyone you fight
All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
and everything inside MT is yours too
'cause MT is defined by your view...
End notes: "fly me to the moon" is a reference to both MT and Evangelion (Eva also deals with the concept of reality v. fantasy)... "he gave away his key" in "Battle Damage"+ Kimiko works for Lockart = well, you can figure that out... I changed the line scheme in "PCs" (Money) to have each character name stand on it's own...

That's it, I'm done... I hope I portrayed MT well. Reactions? Comments? Questions?

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