Ribbon of Twilight
To the tune of Eleanor Plunkett by Turlough O'Carolan
(Midi sequencing by Barry Taylor)

There's a tear that's trembling bright,
Like a star against the night,
'Neath your shadowy eye.

Twilight falls, it promises peace,
Scent of plum on evening's breeze;
Take my hand if you please.

(Oh my heart...)

It surpasses my understanding,
Have these feelings no names?
Heart within my heart,
Feathers tease emotions,
This ribbon of twilight
That entangles our lives.

Twilight breathes, and rustling leaves
Whisper from the ancient trees;
Some can never drift free.

(All our lives...)

We are stones that the kami play
In their games, day by weary day,
And though we're swept away,
Next game we remember
This ribbon of twilight
Ever binding our hearts.

Wood-smoke drifts up to the sky
And it fades against the night,
As so gently we sigh.


Do you know, friend, why we go on
When the pain swells so strong?
Reaching with our hopes,
Trying to make sense of
This ribbon of twilight
That's entwining our souls.

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