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ESPN: "... and the ball bounces off his head and into the stands..."


Fox News: "... unconformed reports of connections between Megatokyo and Love Hina..."


CNN: "... is Crazylou's 250th post leveling him up to "Addict"..."


MSNBC: "... Troll invasion of MT forum's halted due to cease-fire. When asked for a comment, known troll 1337usersuckcock said nothing of importance or note..."


CNN: "... on this two year anniversary of the great Endgames crash. The server Mods and players have been closed-mouthed about the ordeal. The only document to leak to the press was this forum entry titled: "My End" A Diary Filk of "One" by Metallica...

"My End"

I can remember everything
It's somewhere between true and dream
Deep down inside I try to scream
A terrible silence greets me

Now that this force has taken me
Unwaking sleep, I cannot see
Not much left of me in me
Nothing is real but him now

Hold my breath as I wait for death
Oh please Mods wake me

Locked from my tomb my fate seems sealed
In pumps death, I'm forced to heel
I can't look forward to unseal
Wait for the time when I'll live

Fed by the force that's taken me
Must be an Endgames novelty
Tied to this hate that makes me be
Cut this force from in me


Now my PC's gone, 3vi1 w0n
Oh Mods help me

Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped from my self
Body where his will dwells

Dark one
Has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me within his hell...

As to what exactly this post means, we have a live interview with Fred Gallegher. Good evening Fred."

Fred: "Not that Love Hina crap again, dammit Fox News..."

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