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Mommy? Can I go out and kill tonight?
I feel…
I feel like taking a life…

The wind caressing my face. It was a warm evening, but cold to me, as the wind dries the tears of pain against my face, like a mask. How long had it been? How long has it been since the beginning? Since the end? I can't remember anymore. Even if I could, it wouldn't matter. It's all over now. No more.

I want a silver kitchen knife
I feel…
Feel like taking a life.

I just can't do this anymore. First it was hate, and then it was confusion. And after that…I don't even know what to call it. Perhaps he tried first, perhaps it was I. Like I said I can't remember. Looks like the drugs are kicking in. Its kind of funny…its like they are my only friends left who can take away the pain. But now it takes more and more of them…and now I'm thinking back to my family…why?

Can I go out and hunt tonight?
Like you do
On Sunday mornings

<The order came in yesterday, by the way. >

<Oh? I hope they can get it sorted and shipped off by the seventh. The clients are very picky about the dates they receive the items…>

God! I'm here too? It's been 4 months, father, since you last saw me. And I cant recall the last time you said you loved me. Maybe you never did? It's your fault too! Both of you. You were never there to help me. Never there to stop me. You never showed me love, so when it came my way it destroyed my life. You wont ever even notice me…

Give me a real gentle knife
To feel
Feel like taking a life

I'm walking to the edge. It's like the edge between a world of pain and insanity, and a world of comfort and quiet. A world devoid of anything. And I'm getting a glimpse of it. I'm about to find paradise. Its funny. Was all this pain a test to prove my worthiness? Then I start to question. Am I ready? Should I do it? Will I regret it? And in the middle of all of this, I see his face. His smile. And then I know. It's going to happen.

Can I go out and kill tonight?
I feel…
I feel like taking a life…

My thoughts go back to before. When I could be by myself and like it. Then she came along, and I found friendship in the most unlikely of places. She was human in every way expect for one. She wasn't. Sometimes thought, when we were alone, and she was busy calculating or thinking or doing, I would look at her. And I would see a glimpse of humanity in that synthetic body. And now, more than ever, I need her and can't have her. I feel so selfish, so useless. All she ever gave me was love and happiness. And now, in return, I give her pain. I hope she can forgive me…

The edge…

I'm so sorry, Ping…

--12:18 AM. Miho Tohya's Funeral.--

<Doctor? Can you tell me why she did this? >

<Well, from my experience, teenage girls sometimes feel pressured from all sides, but they get the impression that to release your anger or emotions or to expose them is weak and pitiful. So they keep them bottled up. And it happens eventually. However, it's rare for them to commit suicide. I have only seen a handful of these cases, and in all of them…>

<In all of them what, doctor? Tell me, she's my girl! >

<In all of them, Mrs. Tohya, the child never receives attention from the parents. The parents are the closest link to a child, and without them, a child is lost. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go finish up some paperwork. >

<Oh my god…it was our fault…>

--Elsewhere at the funeral--

<Get off of him, Ping! >


The EDS bot was struggling against restraint, shouting at the figure sprawled in the mud.

<Get up, you bastard! >

<Ping, stop! >

<Piro-san, let go of me! I wont forgive him for what he did to Miho-Chan! >

She broke free and stood face to face with the person who had destroyed everything she had.

<Look at what you've done, Largo! JUST LOOK! Do you see now? Do you see just how destructive you really are? You were always calling miho-chan the evil one, but…>

She was on the ground now. Tears. Tears.


The tears.

<I guess I can thanks you Largo. I'm crying. See? I always wanted to be human, and you have made me so. But now I know what Miho was talking about. I know now what she meant when she told me to stay the way I am. Being a human isn't what I wanted at all. Being a human is pain and suffering! And if this is what I have to live with, I'D RATHER DIE! >

<PING! NO! >

But the bot was far quicker than the man. She whipped out a pistol and with a single blast, shot it through her head. She fell to the ground with a thud, her lights and indicators fading out, her eyes closed.

<Oh man…> said the second man as he got up.

The first man fell to the ground, cradling the fallen EDS bot.


"Dude…" said the second man, in English.

<Shut up largo. You've done enough. This is all your fault. Just go away. I knew, I always knew you would get us into trouble. But I could never imagine it would be this much. I want you to go. Go now. >

<Can't she be fixed? >

<No. The bullet went through her personality and data bank. We could fix her, but it would never be Ping. Ping is dead. >

<Dude…it…it wasn't my fault. >

The first man shot up and glared at the second one. He balled his fists as if to hit him…

<Not your fault?! I should have known, Largo. I always thought I was the pitiful one, just the empty shell of a human. But now I know its you, Largo. Its you. Your entire life was yourself and your games. You never felt any emotion, no love, and no friendship. You never cared about anyone. When Miho finally confessed to you how she felt, you simply blew her off. You didn't even stop to thin k how she really felt. She had never felt love for any man, ever. And you simply took that feeling from her and tossed it away. You did more damage to her in that single moment then you ever did those years you two were fighting. I thought you would know better. And now, you even destroyed Ping. Ping used to be be innocent. But thanks to you, she now knows what being a human is. She now knows pain and suffering and hate and death. But you don't largo. You don't. In fact, I don't think you ever will. And I will pity you for the rest of your life and mine. Good-bye largo. Maybe there be mercy upon you for what you've done. >

I want a silver kitchen knife.
I feel…
Feel like taking a life…

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