Another Piney Flats holiday:

July the Fourth in Piney Flats!
Whose residents with many zits
shoot fireworks to scare the rats,
they fill 'em up with slivovitz.

A barbecue in Piney Flats
Is always filled with spicy bits.
To keep away those pesky gnats,
the folks out there use bug-spray kits.

Now in the town of Piney Flats,
exists a game called "Home-Run Hits."
The players use the stickball bats,
you're out when balls fly into mitts.

But summer's far from Piney Flats,
It's more like winter--it's the pits.
They dream of days spent killing gnats,
and brewing up some slivovitz.

I wish it were summer--obvious, isn't it?

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