The street musician, Randy Fratz,
Has churned out numerous musical hits
Recording the melodic splats
Of tossing things in slivovitz

Beside the vats at Pat's he sat
And tossed in knicks and knacks and bits
He tossed his shoes - oh, what a splash!
He sprinkled cans of sparkly glitz

He tossed in chinese finger traps
He tossed in little plates of grits
And woe to any whiney cat
Who wandered near where he would sit

He tossed in all his flavoured hats
(His favourite kind, with cherry pits!)
He nearly tossed the neighbors' brats -
They bribed him with their model kits

At last, the council of Piney Flats,
Which every other Sat'day sits,
Discussed the facts of Randy Fratz
And his effects on slivovitz.

"The man's a menace - here are stats
Which show he makes the stuff unfit!"
Many had had their mitts or mats
Tossed in in his artistic fits

But what was to be done, they asked?
And thoughtfully sipped their slivovitz,
Drummed fingers on their table mats...
And at last they knew just what would fit

Those who remember Randy Fratz
Say that his brain was on the fritz -
"We're glad he's gone and that's a fact,
But he sure went well in slivovitz."

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