The internet came to Piney Flats
and across the MT forums they did click,
in shock and anger they spat
spraying their screens with slivovitz!

"Smurd's head on a pike!" went the call
"Teach him to mock our slivovitz!
Trace his packets, trace them all!
Find him through all the IP bits!"

The town was as angry as wet cats.
They marched and called smurd a twit,
they marched and waved their bats,
they marched and drank slivovitz.

The anger did rise in Piney Flats,
but it can't outlive the slivovitz.
Back they headed to the vats
only to find empty, empty pits.

The rats did drink all the slivovitz!
The town had to quickly fix the vats,
they had no time to waste on twits
so smurd was spared the wrath of Piney Flats!

(My apologies to English majors everywhere...)

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