There are exams in Piney Flats
The students there with zany zits
Are tested on, by barmy bats
The brewing of good slivovitz

The vats they boil, the little things
They pour into the slivovitz
Are papers, books, and even rings
For some, not healthy, also nits

For those who fail the brewing test
And cannot make good slivovitz
They are exiled, and sent off West
Or even worse, they join the Brits

For those who pass, the praise abounds
A party thrown, inside the Ritz
The students, now all wearing gowns
Pass out their new-brewed slivovitz

They've graduated, joined the ranks
Of a town containing many twits
In ceremony, they give thanks
For a drink as great as slivovitz

Apologies to anybody English. We really should set up more 'random verse' threads like this one. Oh yes, just got back from LotR - go see it, everybody! It's great!

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