The inspiration for this comes from the byplay in this thread.</pre>
Return again to Piney Flats,
The little town of fatty bits,
ghastly gnats and natty spats,
that brews the very best slivovitz!

Hard times have come to Piney Flats:
No more mockery from the MT gits.
No free publicity, and so
falling sales of slivovitz.

Yet now Fate smiles on Piney Flats!
Dom admonishes Smurd as lacking wits.
Smurd replies with verses smooth,
and C-kun reminds MT of slivovitz!

"Oh, look at these rhymes of Piney Flats!
How cleverly they played with words!
What fun to wake the thread anew,
and make verses about slivovitz!"

The townsfolk of Piney Flats,
wait now by the briny vats.
Will the MT gits make new rhymes
that will help them sell their slivovitz?

So on behalf of Piney Flats,
I appeal to you, fellow MT gits.
Exercise now your clever wits,
and advertise the slivovitz!

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