They all come back to Piney Flats
The MT gits, the crowd at Pete's
The street musician, Randy Fratz
They can't stay off the slivovitz

With all respect to Piney Flats,
It's not that they'd not try to split
They just could not depart the gates
And leave behind the slivovitz

Once you have come to Piney Flats
You can check out of Hotel Pete's
But you can't leave the cloud of gnats
That hangs above the slivovitz

You can't escape from Piney Flats
Just like in one of Eagles' hits
(Instead of eagles make that bats
And for champagne have slivovitz)

So come on down to Piney Flats
Pack all your rhymes and most your wits
But throw your sense into the vats
Wherein they brew the slivovitz

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