The gits read on 'bout Piney Flats
and all its vats and mitts and zits
and 'specially of the Spiney bats
and their role in making slivovits

So Piney Flats sees MT gits
return to watch their funny fits
Of comedy and most of all
to drink a mug of slivovitz

the poets l337 return and glance
at madmens' tries to comically fit
a very strange rhyme from long ago time
and ending all with "slivovitz"

Now smurd we see's in giggling fits
at people's love of Piney Flats
despite its age of a year and a half
Due to its ex'lent slivovits

Now some would say that they like schnapps
and some would say that wine is it
But true men go to Piney Flats
to indulge in heavenly slivovits

Now time's near up, I have to go
Though torture 'tis to leave these bits
of powerful rhyme and wonderful prose
and of course, that good old slivovitz

(my own meager contribution. smurd, you're a freaking genius. Let's all hope that this thing never dies.)

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