In the town streets of Piney Flats
You see a lot of faces with zits
Each one can tell you his story at
Pete's over some slivovitz

On the west side of Piney Flats
There lives a man named Gerhard Spitz
He lives there with a bunch of cats
And a barrel filled with slivovitz

When he first came to Piney Flats
He was a boy named Gerhard Spitz
He quickly grew to love the states
Not un-because of slivovitz

Unlike they do in Piney Falts
In his home town of Düsselspitz
They like to drink the blood of rats
Instead of drinking slivovitz

But drinking blood of furry rats
Felt our Mr. Gerhard Spitz
Fit only rare bloodsucking bats
Who'd better off drink slivovitz

So then he came to Piney Flats
And here he for years now sits
He says he doesn't mind the gnats
As long as he's got slivovitz

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