Spring has come to Piney Flats,
And has addled the young men's wits.
Their minds are on girls and love,
Not on brewing slivovitz.

The Belle of the Ball in Piney Flats,
Her name is Miss Mandy Kratz.
Desire for her sends the boys into fits,
And they toast her over slivovitz.

"Let's toast the charms of Miss Mandy Kratz!
Those eyes, those smiles, those lucious [CENSORED]!"
That's the gist of the barroom chats,
when the boys are tipsy from slivovitz!

Now I could continue the story of Miss Mandy Kratz,
and how she dazzles the boys of Piney Flats.
But as a challenge for clever wits,
I make a proposal o'er slivovitz.

Let us all write the story of Miss Mandy Kratz.
Who will woo her and who will win her?
Who will father her squalling brats?
And who will toast their health with slivovitz?

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