The first suitor of Miss Mandy Kratz
Was the very macho Johnny Schmitz.
A defensive end at the U of Flats,
He was too fond of slivovitz.

A frat man down at the U of Flats,
Johnny never lacked for chits*.
So he went to woo Miss Mandy Kratz,
Well fortified with slivovitz.

At the door of Miss Mandy Kratz,
Smug Johnny did make his pitch,
A remark so vile, so utterly crass,
She hit him with a bottle of slivovitz!

When courting Miss Mandy Kratz,
You'd be wise to keep your wits.
She dislikes the approach crass,
And will drench you with the slivovitz!</pre>For the benefit of those unfamilar with American slang:
*Chit: n. 1. An insignificant person; a rude, vulgar, audacious, or obnoxious person; -- always a young person. {From the Dictionary of American Slang, Second Supplemented Edition}

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