Miss Mandy Kratz of Piney Flats
Has never lacked a date.
At her door, in a long line suitors wait,
While other girls fume with jealousy and hate.

But Miss Mandy Kratz is having frantic fits-
She suffers from a huge surplus of pervy twits!
So many suitors, with not a decent man in sight;
It's enough to give the boldest heart a fright!

How, oh how, to be rid of every single churl?
Luckily, Mandy Kratz is a very clever girl.
Late into the night, a clock ticks and tocks,
While Miss Mandy Kratz hatches fiendish plots.

She's had enough of all their [CENSORED],
The buck will stop right here.
In Piney Flats, each lust-sick twit
Should begin to ph33r.

It's funny- I was just thinking about this thread a couple hours ago. Imagine how happy I was to find it revived. ^_^

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