Yukiko's Song (to the tune of 'Philadelphia' by Bruce Springsteen)

I was... Drained of power,
I couldn't... tell where I was,
I was... Offline and whispering to myself.
Saw my... body from the outside,
and didn't.. think it was strange,
but sister, please don't leave it idling away,
on the streets of Megatokyo...

La, la, la-la lai x8

I've watched the... battlesims
my eyelids.. fell like stone,
I heard... techs telling me "Yukiko's gone"
At night I.. Wished for blood in my veins,
and for... Human feelings, like the pain
I'm built to cause Megatokyo...

La, la, la-la lai x8

Only Queslin comes to save me,
she'll be my sister, and friend,
and her body's feeling so sore,
She's spent a million joules, just to help me in...

Chopper's falling, I've fallen away,
Queslin's.. happy for.. me to stay,
so please keep me, sister, in this state of bliss,
so when we... leave each other, my eyes will mist,
on the streets of Megatokyo.

La, la, la-la lai x16 (fadeout)

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