Once did a fan write a mail
without realizing what it would entail
what he had finally brought about
thought he cast our dear Piro in doubt

in his goal to be snide
said the mailer with pride
'a professional you're not, deep inside'

And thus had he left with a huff
satisfied with his attempt at a bluff
realized he did not once that Piro
laughed so hard that he turned all shiro

what he thought was offensive
became highly hilarative
and thus begun our daily narrative

The mail was posted anonymous for his safety
and caused an uproar amongst us so lately
So the friends and fans on the thread
would not rest until the poor fool was dead

And so now the overzealous fan
has been hiding from us as he can
To which he has joined the Taliban

- (Copyright 2001, Wavehawk)

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