(Wrote this last night... I can never really get poetry to be funny (unlike smurd, who makes me giggle uncontrollably with a few mere format changes!), so I just went for 'overly melodramatic'; it seems appropriate)


Mr. Gallagher -

We would like to express our disappointment in the
Heart that you sent out recently; we found it
To be woefully lacking
In opacity
And improperly shuttered -
Many of our number were temporarily blinded by
The light that it gave off -
We found it to be very


For a true


Artist would never let such a thing stand
In the way of his work for it
Obscures and distorts
And a true


Artist would never bare such a thing
To his unsuspecting audience so
Brazenly and openly and
And a true


Artist would have been more careful about
Alienating those sections of his readership which prefer
To dwell in darkness
We are gravely disappointed

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