Hmm. That whole yin/yang comparison would make a wonderful poem. I hope you'll both work on it and post.

Unlike smurd who can captivate us with a whole page of tightly rhymed beauty, I have trouble with long poems; I'm never happy with what comes out. But I'm not having luck capturing what I want in a shorter form. Here's one Kimiko verse I wish were better and/or shorter:

Were I in that page,
two dimensional, screen-bound
like you Kimiko,

I would tell you that
your striving is not in vain.
Your big break will come.

Every anime -
you'd do Sakura better.
Lain. Naguma too.

In my mind's hearing,
your voice is as beautiful
as those eyes of yours.

Eyes to get lost in.
Eyes to break a heart in two.
Eyes too pure for tears.

But a dimension
holds us apart. I can't fit.
I can only sigh.

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