Beautiful transition, and a poignant picture, Quinn.

Ok, we're drinking coffee in Anna Miller's. I tried hard to keep this serious and on topic, but I think my muse went out and got drunk.


This must surely be a dream
stirring coffee, adding cream.
Don't I know this restaurant?

Am I now in Piro's world,
inexplicably here hurled,
right into the place where I would want?

This is the place where stuff depends
on viewer - what's real shifts and bends
to suit each person's unique point of view.

Was that a wrecking ball that just went by
I thought that's what had caught my eye
or did a giant lizard just pass through?

That innocent goth girl over there
ribbon twined into her hair.
Why do I feel that she would drain my life?

She's beautiful, but is she perilous?
I can't decide; too scared to guess.
Ambiguity around this place is rife.

My waitress comes - it's Kimiko!
She pours me another cup of joe.
But something's changed, she's not like I once knew.

When last I saw her, lithe and thin.
Buxom now beneath her chin.
Padding, or another point of view?

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