I was stuck for a while, but Friday's strip gives lots of stuff to work with.


Some fanboys notice
the changes in Kimiko.
They loudly comment.

A devious glint
shines in her now-shifty eyes.
Yikes! She can hear them!

Back in the kitchen,
she measures grounds and water.
Revenge is brewing.

Kimiko returns,
quickly dampens their ardour
with steaming java.

Haughty and proper
she returns to her duties,
ignoring the boss.

Smiling again now,
she offers me a refill.
I make some small talk.

She glances downward
where she sees my scribbled lines -
napkins of haiku.

<What do you write there?>
"Pa-da-ing or another..."
<Looks like poetry!>

<Ano...that's nothing
<Just a shopping list.>

Desperately I
shuffle napkins, seeking a
safer selection.

<But I do have some
poems about someone I
admire. Shall I read?>

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