[OK, I'm sorry, it's free verse again. ]


What'd you do during Erika's Lazy Afternoon?
Did you watch Nadesico
with your legs curled up
and your hair and the volume down,
to practice all the voices?

Did you sit on the edge of a bench
in a booth at Anna Miller's
and watch the shoppers,
chittering autumn chipmunks,
drift by, auburn and gold?

Did you wonder what it might be like
to have fanboys?
Think about never having to worry about railfare again?
The dork who gave you his?
How far down the street toward's Erika's store you got
before remembering that you can't yet pay him back in yen?

Or did you perch on your balcony's railing
and swing your legs in the breeze
and wonder what it was again
that you were doing here?

Did you remember what that guy
at work last night read?

"I wanted the girl
and to understand
what's so hard
to understand about that."

Did you watch the clouds go by
and think about Red Shoe Sunday,
or that beach, like a river,
you can't visit twice?

I wonder if you're the kind of realist
who expects
a knight in matte-black kevlar.


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