I had a vivid image of Kimiko in the corner of her room, sitting listening to rain on the roof, all sad about her disappointment with Piro et al...

I thought I'd try a little experiment with rhyme,


Depths of feeling before,
that lead me into happiness,
or to pride and disappointment,
the depths of newfound sadness
do not compare to these.

They trouble me.
All alone in my room,
listen to rain against my roof,
soothed but feelings loom,
I'm slowly ill at ease.

Hanging my head low,
drowsily I ponder
amongst sounds trying to sooth me,
my thoughts slow down and wander
with my head upon my knees.

Nestled on the pillow,
I know I'll soon be sleeping,
I'm sure that in the morning,
I'll find that I've been weeping,
I hope that I...

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