This is a trifle of backstory for Miho, in the tradition of _Quinn's Rampant Speculations, but in verse.

Wire Dance
associated prose

The games that I remember,
That I learned as a child,
Were played in midnight chambers,
Were played with hidden smiles.

I danced across the tight-ropes
I skipped upon the wires,
I crossed them wearing blindfolds,
I walked them over fires.

I learned a life of stillness,
Of patient listening,
Of soft and breathless silence,
Of ruthless discipline.

I learned how sweet a feeling
It was to win the game,
But most of all this lesson:
That losing earned me pain.

I knew that other children
Were not taught how to play
The games that I was learning,
Or how to walk my way.

One day I was abandoned,
My guardians came no more,
And never then was I to learn
What all those games were for.

So many years have passed,
While I have lived alone,
And much have I forgotten
Since I've been on my own.

But playing games reminds me
Of the life I had that's gone,
And winning gives me sweetly,
A taste of distant home.

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