Yeah, smurd inspired me. That Miho sonnet was awesome.

'Lonely for Kimiko' Sonnet, after and in reply to smurd's 'Lonely for Miho' Sonnet

Sir smurd, you pine for one whose Cute is Dark,
And I can see why fanboys miss her so;
Yet my desire has found a different mark;
I long to see again her lovely glow.

The sun, each morning, wakes me from my sleep,
Her brightness shining down upon my face;
Such harsh light through my window-shades does seep,
That oft I wish to be some other place.

The brightness that she brings is not the same:
Is does not hurt the eyes or burn the skin,
And while the sun does not fore'er remain,
Her glow is constant: it comes from within.

So while the sun may rise and cast its light,
Without her glow, I live in endless night.

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