[!filk] Well, well. I haven't filked anything for a while. So, here. Have a Rammstein transfilk. In case you can't tell, this is a Yuki filk.
Note: The original lyrics are quite disturbing translated. You have been warned.
Also please note that, at the very end of the song, the very last line is repeated once again. There, please use the line in parenthesis, instead of the traditional line. [/!filk]

Mom, Help
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Rammstein

I do not know just what to do
He never even says, "Thank you"
Why is it that he does not like me?
Why does it hurt my heart so much? I can't see...

Can you give me some advice?
Maybe I am far too nice?
What should I to make him love me?
Mom, what advice have you to give me?


What about that girl I see him by?
Compared to me she's up in the sky
She's so pretty, I can't compete
What should I do? Just admit defeat?

And then there was that messsage machine
That had the voice of his dry queen
He seems very sad, how can I help?
How can I prevent my heart's yelp?


What to do? Maybe, for his sake
I should leave him, suffer heartache
Please guide me, mom, what to do?
Run with some hope or bid adieu?


You helped me before, help me now
Don't just sit there, arching your brow
Please guide me, mom, what to do?
Don't leave me blue and confused

Help me
Now I'm so sad
(Why is he sad?)

by Rammstein

Original Lyrics and Translation

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