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Well, I came up with the conceit, and I'm tempted to work more on this, but I /really/ should be getting to bed, so...

_Brooks and Dom's "Only in MegaTokyo"_

Sun coming up over Anna Miller's
dear Kimi-chan in a moral jam:
starin' at her faces in the bathroom mirror
pondering her promises to a promising man*

One face dreams of fame and fortune
one face helps pay the rent;
he could end up going to prison
for being the hentai president**

Only in MegaTokyo
dreamin' of you-know-who
only in MegaTokyo
could all a fanboy's dreams come true
they all get a chance --
she gives them all a glance --
only in MegaTokyo

Sun going down on a MT freeway
Dom and Ed, each loading a magazine
A Sony man and a Sega backer,
all they want is a Doll named Ping:

She was built to be an accessory
they both had their guns close at hand;
they just might go back to Yokahama***
and talk about the ships that they have sunk.

{A} {A}


* So this takes place in a future Piro might not show us.
** I don't want to get anymore specific.
*** This /is/ a port city near Tokyo, right?

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